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    State-Of-The-Art Technologies

Resume: Ronald J. Vigneri

Consulting Fields: Computers; Electronics; Chemistry; Physics; Lasers/Optics; Rocketry; Environmental Sciences; Oilfield Operations; Tennis Facilities.
Inventions created these major industries: Laser Gyro; Laser Printer; Oil Well Fracturing; In-Situ Chemical Oxidation.
Employment History
2008-2012 IT Adjunct Professor. A+, Network+, Security+, server/NOS, web development, ecommerce, presentation graphics, wireless (cellular-Wi-Fi), VoIP, multi-media courses.
2002-2008 Partner/Founder, retired 2/08. Computer networking; data center services.
2000-2002 Instructor. Taught computer classes of Windows applications.
2000-present Owner/Founder. Computer network and Internet services. Ref:
VARS INVESTMENTS INC, Wilmington, NC 2000 Partner. Web portal design and operation. & Planet-e Creations
1998-99 Sr. Technical Advisor. Design, R&D, and application of the CleanOX Process.
CLEANOX ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES INC, Houston, TX 1992-98 Founder, Sr VP/R&D. Applied Vigneri patented process for groundwater remediation by in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO). Built company into an 18 state operation, responsible for all application, technical, marketing, and financial areas of the company.   Company sold to ManTech International, NYSE listed company, in 4/98.
VENTURE ENTERPRISES, Kinnelon, NJ to Wilm., NC 1967-present Owner/Pres. Holding company, eight divisions over the years, seven scientific, one construction.
*   2000-present. Internet services, consulting, active company.
* GeoSolve  1999-present. Invented hydrogen peroxide groundwater and wastewater treatment systems and services. Innovated alge control treatment process for clay tennis courts for Lee FastDry, HarTru, and Luckstone. Consultant. Active company.
* Kool-Pool 1998-99 Invented liquid-air heat exchanger for cooling swimming pool water. Sold design and production assets, ceased operations.
* CleanOX   1991-93 Invented patented groundwater technology (now major industry), sold into corporate entity 1993.
* PureOX  1990-93 Proprietary high purity closed loop chemical containers (<30 ppb purity). Sold assets 1993 to Hunt Chemical.
* Polysciences  1989-92 Developed waste to energy processors, biodegradable plastic extrusion techniques, and novel fermentation techniques. Closed company in 1992.
* Compuron  1983-88 Built and marketed IBM clones and software systems. Closed 1988.
* Construction  Developer/builder of projects in NJ/NY/NC/NH from 1975-1996 worth $22 million.
THERMOX CORP, Kinnelon, NJ 1981-85 Owner/Founder. Invented, built, marketed, applied patented oil well fracturing and stimulation system. Sold assets to United Casing in 1992.
ROCKET MAN INC, Kinnelon, NJ 1979-82 Partner with Slammin' Sammy Miller. Designed built and raced hydrogen peroxide rocket powered racing cars, set Guiness Book World Record for speed on ice (248 mph in 1981, record still stands). Sold assets 1983.
RAMAPO STATE COLLEGE, Mahwah, NJ 1978-80 Tennis Head Coach; USPTA touring pro 1974-78. WTA Tournament Director and Summer Tennis Instructor 1978-80.
HOLOBEAM INC, Paramus, NJ 1969-1973 Director, Systems Div. Engineering leadership for one of the first high-tech IPO companies. Products were state-of-the-art commercial and military laser systems. Had security clearances thru Crypto-Secret/Class C status with US Navy. Invented Laser Printer 1971.
NORTH AMERICAN PHILIPS, Magnavox Gov. Systems Division, Mahwah, NJ 1967-69 and 1972-75 Technical Director. Consultant thru 1978. Infrared laboratory, responsible for commercial & military systems R&D, production including laser gyro, night vision, laser guidance/ranging/sensing/detection systems.
BENDIX CORP, Navigation & Control Div, 1962-67 Program Director/Sr Engr. Laser Gyro, Saturn V Rocket and Pershing Missile guidance systems design, production and test engineering. Invented Bendix Laser Gyro (became major industry, currently guides comercial/military aircraft including drones/vehicles including ships/missiles/rockets/weapons) and Electronic Tachometer still in almost all fueled vehicles.

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE – ELEC. ENGG, BSEE (Cum Laude), FDU, Teaneck, NJ June 1965.
DIPLOMA, RHS, Ridgewood, NJ June 1960

Professional Licenses/Assocs./Certifications
Numerous IT related certifications
NC General Contractors License
HazWoper (Hazardous Materials Certs.)
American Chemical Society
Society of Petroleum Engineers
USPTA Professional Rating

Patents & Applications
5,520,483 Groundwater Remediation System
5,286,141 Groundwater Remediation Method
4,456,069 Oil Well Stimulation Process
4,423,780 Oil Well Fracturing Process
3,751,587 Laser Printing System
3,535,040 Laser Gyro
18 other formal applications and numerous (25+) related foreign patents
Ref: search “Vigneri”

NJ Inventor of the Year 1999 NJIT Hall of Fame
NJREA 1988 and 1989 Top 100 Developer of the Year
MITA NY/NJ 1978 Teaching Tennis Pro of the Year

Most Recent Publications
The article, "Radio Physics for Wireless Devices and Networking", has been
published by ITtoolbox.

The article, "Webcam Viewing Live Over the Internet Using A Dynamic IP
Internet Service", has been published by ITtoolbox.

IT Toolbox published my now classic technical method for calculating network server parameters for the number of network users and application loading. About 20,000 downloads to date.

Numerous other publications, bibliography available upon request. Published in the fields of:
Inertial Guidance and Navigation; Lasers; Rocket and Missiles; Infrared Optics; Electronics;
Applied Mathematics; Oil Well Stimulation and Recovery; Construction and Renovation;
Tennis Instruction, Coaching, Officiating, Tournament Direction;
Groundwater Remediation; In-Situ Chemical Oxidation; Computer Science Topics;
Photography; Hot Rods/Rocket Cars; Music Theory; Guitar.

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