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Production Kool-Pool swimming pool coolers now ship from Texas!


Press Release


Kool-Pool Swimming Pool Coolers

-- The first production units of the Kool-Pool liquid-to-air heat exchanger developed by the division of Venture Enterprises have been shipped to Houston, Texas. Factory volume production of the Model VAC-8 has commenced. Proven practical and effective, the Kool-Pool has found a ready market in the Southwest United States. The Model VAC-8 Kool-Pool unit isthe size of a typical residential heat pump compressor /condenser unit. It can cool a 20,000 gallon swimming pool from 95 degrees F to less than 85 degrees F in a few hours of operation overnight with an  ambient air temperature of 70 degrees F and consumes only a small amount of additional electrical power. The unit works automatically in conjunction  with the normal swimming pool pump filtration system. Hot Summer seasons in the Southwest and global warming should assure a substantial Kool-Pool market in the future.
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