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GeoSolve Performs Large Massachusetts  Cleanup!


Press Release


GeoSolve Completes Large Contract in Massachessetts Groundwater Remediation
-- The GeoSolve Process developed by the GeoSolve Division of Venture Enterprises of Wilmington, North Carolina was applied in a full remediation groundwater cleanup in a shallow aquifer overlaying a town's drinking water aquifer in Massachussets. The  remediation of MTBE and BTEX chemical compounds from  gasoline were targeted at the former gas station site. GeoSolve had conducted successful bench scale and pilot scale tests in March and April 2000, respectively.

Ron Vigneri is the developer of the GeoSolve Process, he previously invented and sold the CleanOX Process, which is being applied to groundwater worldwide at the present time. Mr. Vigneri was named by the New Jersey Institute of Technology as 1999 Inventor of the Year and inducted into the NJIT Inventors Hall of Fame. His patent crdits and references can be referenced at www.uspto.gov, select "Patnet Search" search, then enter in the "Ref" section "Vigneri".

The GeoSolve Process utilizes low concentration hydrogen peroxide,  as does the CleanOX Process, but the chemical reactions are very different.  No large liquid-to-gas phase volume expansion is present in the GeoSolve Process, only liquid phase chemical reactions are present. GeoSolve can be directly  applied to drinking water with no residual effects other than some increase  in the dissolved oxygen content of the treated water (a beneficial effect).  Treatments are completed in a matter of days in contrast to many other  technologies which require considerably longer periods of time to yield  a result. This is one reason the treatment method is far less expensive  than other methods. Mobile equipment is utilized and other on-site activities can proceed during treatment.

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