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The following sample is a Flash developed item that contains 3 Flash movies within a Flash movie that can be used for training, marketing, and web site presentations which offers very rich media, compact file size, vector graphics, sound, and many more advantages.
Check it out, use the navigation arrows, and the text boxes are live.


Web Sites: created, modified, placed
Portal and interactive site production
Domain name creation & registration
Network design, installation & 24/7 support
Connectivity design, trade-offs & placement
Web business strategies & implementation

As a Division of Venture Enterprises, vetechnet.com (pronounced vee-tech-net-dot-com) provides web site and Internet services to commercial and industrial companies. The focus of the company is in creating cost-effective technical solutions satisfying the Internet needs of our customers. From static web sites through database driven e-commerce applications, vetechnet.com can provide you with state-of-the-art solutions in an endless number of forms.

We can take your business activity, express it as a web site, and provide all the elements you need to improve your business  presence and/or operations, locally and/or globally. Additionally,  we offer everything from network design, network hardware and software, network service and support, domain name registration, high speed  connectivity, and hosting services through associated third-party  companies. Full-spectrum integrated services are offered with  vetechnet.com providing a single contact point for our customers. 

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